Hard Water Softening for Southern New Jersey Residents

If you’re a homeowner in the South New Jersey area, you may have heard the term “hard water.” This refers to water that contains more minerals than it should, which results in all kinds of nuisances around your home. If you suspect your home may have hard water, you may be in need of water softening from the experts at Water Central. Keep reading to learn more symptoms of hard water, or click this button to request an appointment with our water softening team!


How to Know if Your NJ Home Has Hard Water

Hard water can cause plumbing issues, shower and sink buildup, dishwasher failure, skin irritation, dry hair, faded clothing fabric, and more. It can even cause permanent damage to your hot water heater and water appliances. Do these symptoms sound familiar from your South NJ home? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our technicians can help with a custom water softening system that’s sized and installed with your home’s needs in mind.


How Do Water Softeners Work in Southern NJ?

Water softeners from Water Central act as a whole-home filtration system for your house’s water. This means that tiny beads containing sodium ions are stored in your water softener, which filters all the water in your New Jersey home. The specialized sodium beads will trap and disable the hard minerals, getting your water back to normal before it arrives at any of your faucets or appliances.

Benefits of Water Softening Systems:

  • Removes hard water from your home
  • Promotes more moisturized hair and skin
  • Removes chemicals from your water source
  • Helps your water appliances to run smoothly
  • Reduces sediment buildup on faucets and showers
  • Keeps your laundry looking bright and new
  • Removes unpleasant taste from tap water
  • Is easier on your pipes and hot water heater

What are you waiting for? Schedule your New Jersey water softener installation today from the softening team at Water Central!