Water Tank Service in South Jersey

There are many reasons why you may be thinking about installing a water tank around your Southern Jersey home or business. At Water Central, we can help you with your water tank installation. Water tanks provide a huge advantage as water is one of the most basic necessities to living—having some stored whether for emergency use or industrial use is a priceless convenience.


General Uses of Water Tanks in NJ:

  • Drinking water: Having a storage tank of water for drinking use is always a good idea. Whether you have access to the city supply or use bottled water, you never know what could happen during a bad storm or otherwise.
  • Irrigation and agricultural use: Using collected water to water your crops or gardens is more environmentally friendly and more cost effective than using your main supply of water.
  • Fire and emergency use: A house or land fire is an emergency that no one wants to experience, but with a water tank, you can be prepared to help your local authorities extinguish a fire.
  • Household and industrial use: From washing clothes to washing cars or flushing the toilet, using collected water can really help you save on your water bill.

Water Tank Maintenance and Service in Southern New Jersey

Maintaining a water tank is easier than you might think. We recommend having your tank inspected every six months to check the roof, gutters, tank inlets, and screens. You should also clean your tank out every few years. We are fully equipped to provide you with affordable and efficient water tank service. Contact us when it’s time for water tank maintenance.


Water Tank Repairs in South NJ

Water Central provides expert water treatment installations and services for the Egg Harbor City, NJ area. If you notice any problem with your water tank such as a water tank leak or an issue with your pump, we can help! We will diagnose the issue and correct it for you in no time. Water tank repairs aren’t an issue to wait on, so give us a call if you’re having trouble.